Spirtual Growth in AA and other 12-Step Programs

The purpose of  this site is to help individuals in recovery grow spiritually. AA defines itself as a spiritual program. Within the book of Alcoholics Anonymous we find these important statements. Read more ›

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Design demands a Designer – Part Six – AA and its 12-Step Program

Our purpose in these articles has been to help you, the recovering alcoholic, to gain a better understanding of the biblical God. It is established fact that the God of the Judeo-Christian bible inspired the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The character building processes that we find in the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program is founded on the beliefs, practices, and principles derived from the bible.

In the previous five articles we have discussed the belief that creation itself provides evidence of an intelligent being behind the creation of everything in the universe including our self. This is evidenced through our human observation of the design we see behind everything. Theologians identify two types of evidence that God reveals to His creation about His existence, namely “general revelation and special revelation.” General revelation refers to the revelation of God that is generally accessible to all people at all times. It is observable. This is evidenced by identifying the wonder and awesomeness of the design found within creation itself. This type of revelation is what we have previously focused on in this series of articles.

From the telescopic analysis of an unfathomable sized universe to the smallest particle we can observe microscopically, we see the hand of intelligent design in all creation. Design is found not just in the physical material realm we exist in but also in the design of all life itself in all of its many diverse forms. Human knowledge and wisdom confirms that the notion of design itself can only be the product of intelligence. It is not logical to assign “design” to random processes. Modern science confirms that intelligence is a prerequisite in the cause of design. Science confirms intelligent design in the very building blocks of life as more and more of the wonders of DNA, the chemical essence of life itself, are being uncovered daily.

In this final article we need to shift the focus to the other type of God’s revelation which is “special revelation”. This refers to the revelation of God given to people individually as a result of faith and personal spirituality. Since we define Alcoholics Anonymous as a spiritual program we must first define clearly what the term “spirituality” really means. It would be foolish of us to try and define this term from what we hear in the rooms. We need a true biblical understanding.

The book of Genesis teaches that God took ‘the dust of the ground’, a heap of chemicals, shaped a man and then blew into his nostrils the breath of life. Then man became a living soul. Human beings are different from animals, for ‘God created man in his own image (Genesis 1:27). So according to the Bible God made Adam out of dirt and because God is a spirit — He blows into his nostrils the breath of life. This is to convey the thought that though man had all the physical apparatus and organs for life, the immeasurable reality of life is something that’s not really part of those physical components. There is a transcendent reality of life that only God can give and it’s an immeasurable thing. God is a spirit and we are made in His image so we have a spiritual side to us. That gives us the ability of spirituality.

Spirituality, as defined by theologians, refers to the immaterial or nonmaterial part of man’s nature. We cannot touch this part of ourselves – it is not something that we can feel – although good feelings do come from right living. This definition rules out feelings as a sign of our spiritual nature. Spirituality applies to the internal condition of a person when they reach a state of belief that enables them to recognize and properly appreciate spiritual realities. We reach that state through the growth of truth in our belief system. (Eternal Sobriety –  Chapter Three – Our Objective is Spirituality)

According to the Bible, God is not only the Author of our existence, but he is a personal God that fulfills the need we have to becoming a complete spiritual person, as He designed us to be. All the meaning for life that we crave, our emotional desires for strength for situations that used to baffle us and our pursuit for peace, serenity, joy, and wisdom as we trudge the road to happy destiny, can only be satisfied by the eternal God. This is the God we seek in AA, whether you believe that or not. The human being is more than flesh and bone. We are designed to find our creator. In order for that to happen we must experience life in not only the physical realm but also the emotional and spiritual realms. The Alcoholics Anonymous program helps this and is indeed a design for living that works. But it is only a subset of God’s overall design plan for our life as the bible and Christian belief confirms.

For the recovering alcoholic, as the Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) third step suggests, our major goal should be to understand enough about God and our self to be effective at turning our life and will over to His care. That response to God implies that we need a level of understanding that empowers us to trust in that choice. That is an achievable goal and progressively we gain confidence enough to manage a proper relational response to His desired will. It is an analysis of the image we have of God in relationship to the characteristics of God that will help us gain confidence, since these can be experienced. These characteristics give us a good understanding of God. Here are the main ones.

We cannot see God and He is intangible. He is a spirit! We know that God can create. He enjoys making things out of nothing. We know that God is without end. He has no limits or bounds. We know that God is alive and will live forever. He is permanent. He does not need to change because He is perfect in all ways. He has no flaws. We know that God has knowledge of everything. He has everlasting power and control over everything. God is in charge. He is present everywhere. We know that He is the source of all truth. He knows the way it is and everything else is relative to that truth. He is Holy. God has personal love and affection for each of us. He cares about us. His unmerited favor towards humanity, proven with His plan of salvation, is loaded with forgiveness. All of this we know about Him from His written word. The bible claims this is all true but its only knowledge until we experience His character individually as a truth.

We have both a material and immaterial side to our nature. Our body, of course, represents the material or physical part of our nature. The immaterial part is our “soul”, which is the essence of our living and interacting with both our material world and with God.   Because of the soul, the body has life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, and both personality and identity. We can view the whole of our immaterial nature to be a blend of all of our living faculties and functions but of a single substance.

Thinking, feeling, and willing (making choices) are acutely sensitive conscious faculties that are the most familiar to us. There are also deeper, less sensitive faculties such as intuitive abilities and our sense of conscience. Keep in mind that God wants us to exist in this material world and yet relate to him in the immaterial world. That relationship is to be with our whole being. We can read and talk about God in many ways, but until we individually experience God’s image within us, with all of our faculties including our spirituality, it exists as knowledge and nothing more.

Experience is an interesting word. It literally means what happens to a person. This includes the activities of seeing, hearing, doing, feeling and living. These experiences relate to our physical, emotional, and intellectual ability to sense things. We all understand the value of our physical senses. They serve a purpose to help us exist within our worldly environment, the world God designed for us. God designed us to know Him  through observation in our environment of His creative works and as well through a deeper ability to experience Him spiritually. To have a spiritual experience about God, I must be able to see, hear, do, feel, deeply sense, and live in His image in a way that involves the whole person; the material and our immaterial spiritual faculty. This is the way to understand His image, through a complete experimental relationship with Him.

We can see God’s image in both our body and soul. God placed His image in us in such a way that we can experience and understand that His image is there. The fact that we sense our own existence is because He exists. He created us with needs that will lead to seeking Him and finding Him. Only through a personal relationship with God are we able to experience the joy of fulfilling these needs in our life. These needs are not the humanly needs, based upon selfishness and materialism, which we so often pursue: but “spiritual needs.”

Spiritual needs are the deeper substance of all our needs and it is only by satisfying them that we will find true peace and serenity. With this given, we can define the fundamental spiritual needs that are in us as a reflection or image of the character of God. God, being a spirit, translates into an inner “need to be spiritual.”   Humanity has had this desire since time began.

Everyone has some idea that there has to be more to life than the physical and emotional world we live in. As we learn to grow spiritually, we validate our own spiritual need. Our own “need to create” is reflective of God’s creative nature. Consider where our world would be without human creativity.   We find this ability of creativity in all lifestyles and in everyone. We pursue many avenues as we attempt to create a life for ourselves in this world. However, our real need is to know our creator. Only when the spirit of God is alive to us can we meet this need.

Our 12th step defines this as “spiritual awakening” God’s infinite nature contrasted with our finite nature gives us the “need to perpetually grow and to seek answers.” The first recordings of early history to today’s ventures into outer space confirm this need. Our deeper need is to know God. Our “need to live and survive in our worldly environment” and the “need to live forever” come from God’s eternal nature.   Sadly, man seeks immortality in many ways other than the way God intended. God’s immutable nature contrasted with our human instability gives us the “need to change towards stability.” The emotional relief we feel when confusion leaves us and we gain stability in our mind (thinking) is reflective of the value of this need.

The need we have for variety in our life is a part of our continuous seeking and searching for stability. There will be no real satisfaction from the world’s way. It is when we are experience the steadfastness of God, that we meet this need. Our “need for progress towards perfection” is an image of God’s attribute of perfection. We are constantly trying to improve everything and everybody – sometimes to the point of annoyance. The Bible is clear that the way to perfection is through Jesus Christ.

We also have an incessant “need to know everything.” Do you know someone that thinks they have met that need? Some of us think we have. This comes from God’s omniscience. God’s omnipotence is reflective of our “need to control”, which we so easily get confused about in practice. Our “need to be a part of something greater than ourselves” is due to God’s omnipresence. Generally, most of us do not like to be alone.

Our own “need to love as well as to receive love” is demonstrative of God’s nature of agape love. Our own “need for forgiveness”, as well as our “need to forgive others”, is reflective of God’s grace. God’s absolute Truth translates into our “need to always seek a higher truth.” We see this at work everywhere. All of these needs God created within us – to harmoniously blend into an underlying need to know our creator, to know the purpose of our existence, and the need to accomplish that purpose.

There is error in everything. Truth can be difficult to find. Fortunately God has provided in His design a truth building process that will move us forward in understanding Him. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous steps up to the plate. The 12-Step program provides a process that assists us in finding truth. It is clearly unique in its design and is tailored for alcoholics and our dilemma, although the 12-Step process is used for many other programs.. The process involves surrendering to the fact we cannot stop drinking and that we have mismanaged our life. The consequences of our behavior drive us to accept that we are powerless and therefore seek help from a spiritual source, namely God. We turn our life over to God and begin a cleansing process. A moral inventory follows. We confess our shortcomings, and ask God for help to remove them. We make amends, pray and meditate, and share our experience of recovery with others. Throughout this process we practice moral principles. Applying the 12-Step process and practicing moral principles is for a lifetime, which is why many identify it as a design for living.

This process is not unique to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is essentially the same process that the Bible tells all of humanity what it needs, in order to complete the spiritual design that God provided us with. We are simply not made spiritually or emotionally to go it alone. No matter how hard we try to find peace, happiness, and serenity pursuing the wrong passions, it does not fit the design. Our pursuits to do it our way and not get into God’s design only gives us outcomes that harm us. The bible takes the process one step further than the program does. It tells us that we need to accept the gospel of Christ found in the New Testament. This is what completes us for the long run, the additional benefit of the full truth in this life and the life to come – that is “eternal life.”

It is the bible that inspired the “design for living” program that we practice today. If you would like to understand more about the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program and its relationship to biblical Christianity; and have a desire to know more about principles, free will, choices, habits, emotions, self-control, how to get on the beam, prayer and meditation, and much more, it is suggested you read the book “Eternal Sobriety”.


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Design Demands a Designer – Part Five – The Human Experience

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is Gods way of blessing His creation with the means to achieve His design for humanity to – be fruitful and multiply. DNA’s unique design and complex information system allows God’s creation of life to contain all of the genetic instruction that causes all of the functions and development of all known living organisms. It’s the basic hereditary material in human beings and other life forms that replicates itself by design. Think about that.

For us it includes DNA from both our father and our mother. If you have a large nose that means it was in the DNA that you inherited. You have no choice over what you will look like as it all stems back to the combined DNA of your mother and father. You are patterned from them. And they were patterned from theirs and on and on it goes. And the wonder of it is that all of humanity is patterned after God as he created man in his own image’ (Genesis 1:27).

The following excerpt from the book “Eternal Sobriety”, Chapter Five, Made in His Image, provides some additional insight into what this means.

We can understand our self better if we can define what that image is and what it represents. Theologians and laymen alike have attempted to provide that definition since the Genesis account first existed. The search of scripture yields only partial clues and there are varied interpretations and theological debates are still going on. We do know that we are a special creation of God and He created us lower than angels but higher than other earthly creatures. (Psalm 8: 5) This gives us special dignity in God’s entire created world. Human dignity reflects our ability at a creature level to reproduce within us a reflection of the holy ways of God. We will not elaborate on a comprehensive theological discussion about the image of God except to say that that the image includes an intellectual, moral, and a volitional (having a free will) likeness to God. This gives us a God-like capacity for knowledge, thought, and action. God’s image in us also includes our body and soul where the image of His attributes of existence and power reflect themselves. In addition, God designed us to have communication with Him so we also have a degree of spiritual likeness.”

In Genesis 2:7 we find thatGod formed man from the dust and gave him life by sharing His own breath (Genesis 2:7). Man is unique among all God’s creations, having both a material (physical) body and an immaterial soul/spirit. This means he designed us to have self-consciousness, not just consciousness like animals have but self-consciousness. We are able to have cognition–that is, the awareness of self and our surroundings with the ability to rationally process information, to have intelligence. He designed us to have a form of creativity as He is the creator of everything. It’s amazing to look around the world and see the immense creativity of man. Put simply, we were created to have the image or likeness of God. So God’s design for humanity via the miracle of DNA and His breath of life created man in His image with self-consciousness, personality, rationality, intelligence, creativity, and the ability to form relationships. There is no randomness to the creation of man. Gods purpose was so that man could bring up out of this intelligently designed habitat, solar system, and universe immense demonstrations of mans God given marvelous abilities. And it is through human experience that this happens.

Lets briefly look at man and the experience of life he has that displays evidence of intelligent design? We begin with the abilities we have from God’s design of our human mind. The mind can be viewed simply as two central parts. One part is our “memory.” This part stores everything we know, experience, and believe. It is where our entire belief system with all of its extensions of information is maintained. In many ways, our mind is like a computer. A computer also has a central storage area to store information and to house the instructions needed to run a program. The other part of our mind we will refer to as the “thinker.” This is not an industry term but you get the idea. Everybody has one whether we use it properly or not. It is similar to the processor in a computer where we sort/execute the instructions on the data stored in memory.

Our memory, thinker, and physical abilities are a biological computer. The main difference between a computer and us is that we can do special things with our thinker that computers cannot do in their processor! Our memory is where individual belief systems and principles are stored. These derive themselves from information in our memory that defines our personality, attitude, desires, and abilities. We will classify this information as experience, knowledge, skills, qualities, values, morals, and our own perception of human needs.

Experience as a general concept is knowledge of or skill in or observation of something or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. Our individual experience is a set of lifetime recordings of events and situations. They are things we have done, seen, heard, felt and so forth. These experiences play a role in determining individual beliefs we may have. Knowledge is information that we have learned through study or experience. Skills are intellectual and physical abilities we gain through the practicing of that knowledge in our lives. Qualities describe special characteristics or attributes that we might have. Values are deep-seated enduring beliefs we hold which relate to our life goals and our modes of behavior. Morals are practices or teachings derived from the religious, social, and cultural environments we live in. Finally, within the beliefs are our individual perceptions of the human needs we mostly relate to.

The thinker is an amazing piece of work. This is what makes us different from all the rest of God’s creation. God designed us with special abilities. The thinker has the functions of decision-making, reasoning, recalling, visualization, imagination, and creativity. God blessed us when he designed us with a free will. Our decision making process allows us to carry out free will. It is where choice becomes a reality. Life is abundant with choice. Everything we ever do, think or say is a choice (except involuntary actions). The main barrier preventing us from always seeing the right choices is the lack of truth and knowledge in our belief system. Reasoning is drawing conclusions from information and facts in our belief system. Our senses are a part of that information. If we have the right information and facts, we will usually draw the right conclusion. Visualization and imagination are complementary functions. Visualization is how we form a mental picture in our mind about someone or something. Imagination applies to the ability to visualize believable pictures and ideas of things that have never happened. It uses creativity, which means to bring into existence something new and different.

All of these things work together and influence both our will and behavior. To others, our behavior represents our attitude. An attitude is an individual’s prevailing tendency to respond favorably or unfavorably to an object, person or group of people, institution or event. Attitudes develop over time through a process called conditioning. Many attitudes arise early in life and tend to persist or be influential throughout life. Attitudes can be visible at times and hidden at other times waiting to be triggered by specific events or situations. Attitudes reflect outwardly to our environment as our character or personality. The world has a diversity of different attitudes that exist. Our parents and society’s moral attitudes have habituated us. This diversity of conditioning can be due to ethnicity; nationality, education, religion, culture, and individual family environments. Conditioning is everywhere. It comes as both positive and negative. It comes as both error and truth. For us, the recovering alcoholic, it translates as a major living problem.

We live in a world where error is abundant. Our own experience is based upon many factors and it is in the results of our own human experience itself where proof of an intelligent designer is most clearly identified. All of humanity is riddled with error. This error explains all of the evils we find in our world. The evils of the world are due to belief systems that lack truth and belief systems are what drive us to live. It is the lack of truth that creates moral defects and ignorance. It is the lack of truth that gets us into angers, fears, and selfishness that drives us to seek only after only selfish aims.

Should we blame God for designing the world and us to contain error? Is God not perfect? I think not. We have to have faith that God is perfect and designed us to be susceptible to error for a simple reason. We are an incomplete design without His truth in us. He created us and it is only on the path that he created for us to walk while in the human experience will we find peace and serenity. This itself is the proof that an intelligent designer created us and in such a manner that we would search for Him, the Creator. Only an intelligent designer could create us with our ability to have the experience of being human and as well perfect a plan for us to find Him. It is truth that moves us toward that goal. And it is truth that sets us free.

So how does Alcoholics Anonymous, which is often expressed as a design for living, move us forward in the process of seeking truth and help us to find our creator? That is the topic of the final article titled “Design Demands a Designer – AA and its 12-Step Program.”

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Design demands a Designer – Part Four – The Human Being

In the previous three articles we identified the important need for truth in the search for the God of our own understanding. The bedrock for this search is found in a realistic observation of the abundance of truthful evidence for an intelligent designer of the cosmos (universe) with its infinite uncompressible size, the perfect clockwork of own solar system, and our earthy habitat and the fine-tuning that it had to have to support life as we know it. This should only spur you to do further research of the enormous amount of empirical evidence that supports the belief that there is a master Grand Designer of everything and He is alive and personal.

My own belief is that our own individual recovery from alcoholism is not complete until we accept the Biblical God as the designer of everything from the infinite to the finite, including us – the human being. The Psalmist knew we were designed by God thousands of years ago when he penned “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. (Psalm 139:14 NLT). The writer of this psalm was King David and it provides a strong affirmation of God’s omnipresence. God created an amazing piece of work when he created the human. It is a grand design and we are the greatest of all the living creatures that God made.

There are really two aspects of evaluating the design of the human being. This article looks primarily at the intricate design found in the physical or biological realm while the next article will deal with the human experience  and how we operate better when we are in the fullness of His design.  Our final article in this series will investigate the design of the AA program and how it aligns itself with Gods design as we pursue the emotional and the spiritual aspects of recovery and as we grow in understanding of the depth of our 12 step program.

We are really a fine piece of work. Our physical body provides a means to relate to and live in our physical environment, the world we live in. Each and every part of us screams intelligent design in a marvelous way. A dynamic framework of bone and cartilage called the skeleton includes self-lubricating hinges and joints that were made to move. It is upon this skeletal system that the other major body systems are fabricated each with their own purpose and function. Briefly they are: The circulatory system moves blood, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hormones, around the body. The digestive system digests food and removes waste. The endocrine system regulates various bodily functions, such as metabolism, growth and sexual function. The immune system defends the body against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may be harmful. The lymphatic system plays a role in the body’s defenses and fights infection. The nervous system controls both voluntary action (like conscious movement) and involuntary actions (like breathing). The body’s muscular system aids in movement, blood flow and other bodily functions. The reproductive system allows humans to reproduce. The respiratory system allows us to take in vital oxygen and expel carbon dioxide in a process we call breathing. The urinary system eliminates a waste product called urea from the body, which is produced when certain foods are broken down.

Further, our design includes major vital organs that are essential for survival. These are the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin. The human heart is a responsible for pumping blood throughout our body. Blood is fundamental to the function of every cell, our fundamental building blocks of every component in our bodies. Cells need food to survive, grow, and repair themselves and to fulfill their specific functions, and, to reproduce. Design, design, and more design display a dazzling intricacy in everything we consist of. The job of the kidneys is to remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. The kidneys take urea out of the blood and combine it with water and other substances to make urine. The liver has many functions, including detoxifying of harmful chemicals, breakdown of drugs, filtering of blood, secretion of bile, and production of blood-clotting proteins. The lungs are responsible for removing oxygen from the air we breathe and transferring it to our blood where it can be sent to our cells. The lungs also remove carbon dioxide, which we exhale. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects us from the outside world, and is our first defense against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Our skin also helps regulate body temperature and eliminate waste through perspiration.

This brings us to the main organ that provides us with the ability to understand our environment and live successfully in it, the human brain. It is the body’s control center, receiving and sending signals to other organs through the nervous system and through hormones. It is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, memory storage and general perception of the world. Our abilities of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch provide a means of sensing the material environment and with the brain helps us interact and live within it. The physical movement of our body and a voice that enables us to communicate with others is under the control of the human brain.

The human brain has intelligence that far exceeds that of the life of the animals we share life with on God’s created world. The brain controls the body’s chemical plant that is far more intricate than any plant that man has ever built. This plant changes the food we eat into living tissue. It causes the growth of flesh, blood, bones and teeth. It even repairs the body when parts are damaged by accident or disease. Power, for work and play, comes from the food we eat. The brain also manages our internal heating and cooling systems, keeping body temperature at about 98.6°F.

Yes, it is a wonderful thing—this brain of ours. In fact, as we look at this very moment, we are actually seeing with our brain. Although, of course, the message is carried there from another marvelous structure, the human eye. Modern cameras operate on the same basic principle as our eyes. In our eye the focus and aperture are adjusted automatically. The human eye is more complex than the finest telescope or camera available. Man cannot make an optical instrument of any kind that is as efficient as the eye. The sound we hear is being played on a perfect little musical instrument inside our ears. The sound waves go down the auditory canal and are carried by the bones of the middle ear to the cochlea, which is rolled up like a tiny sea shell. The outer ear operates in air. But the cochlea is filled with liquid, and transferring sound waves from air to liquid is one of the most difficult problems known to science. Three tiny bones are just right to do the job that enables us to hear properly.

The brain is the centre of a complex computer system more wonderful than the greatest one ever built by man. The body’s computer system computes and sends throughout the body billions of bits of information, information that controls every action, right down to the blink of an eye. In most computer systems, the information is carried by wires and electronic parts. In the body, nerves are the wires that carry the information back and forth from the central nervous system. The brain receives input from the sensory organs and sends output to the muscles for action.

Actions can be voluntary or involuntary. That’s a good thing and we would be a poor design if many things were under our conscious control. And in just one human brain there is probably more wiring, more electrical circuitry, than in all the computer systems of the world put together. Trying to fathom the brain’s mind-boggling complexity and design isn’t easy. What we do know is that it’s the organ that makes us human, giving people the capacity for art, language, moral judgments, and rational thought. It’s also responsible for each individual’s personality, memories, movements, and how we experience the world.

Overall the human body is comprised of a blending of different systems that together make a complex organism that exhibits overall functional order in all of its aspects. The interaction of the brain and nervous system to perform its necessary purpose yields a complexity that demands a belief in an intelligent designer. Another example of complexity is the circulatory system. Its physical make-up yields evidence for design. There are so many proofs of design such as how the heart and vessels came to be so well laid out within the human body; how the heart is protected by a bony cage; and how the heart contracts and pumps blood involuntarily in order to maintain life without our conscious willing of it. There are so many examples of intelligent design in the physical or biological realm that volumes of books would be required to detail all of them. Science establishes evidence all of the time but the most significant scientific discovery to date that validates intelligent design is DNA, and the reason for that is simple – DNA is an information-based system.

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the genetic structure deep inside the nucleus of our cells. This genetic material DNA is an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is found in every cell of our bodies and has the shape of a spiral staircase. The steps are like letters in our alphabet and the letters taken together spell words which have meanings. It is estimated that around three billion letters are in the human DNA – about what is found in 1000 encyclopedia volumes. And that is found in a tiny space inside each and every cell in our body.

In a computer it’s a series of bits (zeros and ones) that represent data storage in a computer and they also represent the code that runs the programming. In the same way, DNA is made up of four chemicals, abbreviated as letters A, T, G, and C. Much like the ones and zeros, these letters are arranged in the human cell to represent both information and programming. The order in which they are arranged instructs the cell’s actions and information itself is inherent to the structure. Together It is a highly complicated design that has never been matched by human intelligence. In fact, because of its superior design, major research is now going on to actually see if DNA itself can be used as a storage information system. The only thing that can explain its superior design is for there to have been a grand intelligent designer. There is no other explanation for such a sophisticated method of messaging and coding residing in our genetic makeup, only the hand of God can explain it.

On June 26, 2000, President Clinton congratulated those who completed the human genome sequencing. President Clinton said, “Today we are learning the language in which God created life. We are gaining ever more awe for the complexity, the beauty, the wonder of God’s most divine and sacred gift.” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project, followed that with this statement, “It is humbling for me and awe inspiring to realize that we have caught the first glimpse of our own instruction book, previously known only to God.”

According to the Bible, God is not only the Author of our existence, but he is a personal God that is our only solution to becoming a spiritually complete person. All the meaning for life that we crave, our emotional desires for strength for situations that used to baffle us, and our pursuit for peace, serenity, joy, and wisdom as we trudge the road to happy destiny, it is the fulfillment of these things that only God can satisfy. This is the God we seek in AA. Just as he has engineered DNA to direct the life process of each cell, he offers to direct  our choices and action  to achieve the life  he designed us, for his glory and for our sake, because he loves us. The book of Genesis teaches that God took ‘the dust of the ground’, a heap of chemicals, shaped a man and then blew into his nostrils the breath of life. Then man became a living soul. Human beings are different from animals, for ‘God created man in his own image’ (Genesis 1:27). Our bodies have been designed with the ability to pass on to the next generation the programmed information required to form another person from simple chemicals.

The human being is more than flesh and bone. We are designed to find our creator. In order for that to happen we must experience life in not only the physical realm but also to experience Him through the emotional and spiritual realms he designed for us. That requires the human experience – living life to its fullest, not on life’s terms, but on spiritual terms. That’s the topic of the next article.

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Design demands a Designer – Part Three – The Human Habitat (Earth)

 The idea of design implies order and logic and nowhere can this be seen more than our tiny little spot in a universe that is so enormous, it is beyond our comprehension. On a smaller scale we do understand where the Earth fits into the solar system. Over the centuries we eventually figured out that our planet, like trillions of others, revolves around a sun. Today we understand that billions of other clusters of planets with their own suns make up our galaxy. And billions of galaxies like ours make up the universe. The distance between galaxies is so vast our unit of measurement has to be in light years, or the distance light travels in a year. That happens to be 5,878,499,817 miles based upon the speed of light of 186,282 miles per second. The nearest star to earth is a little over 4 light years. The nearest galaxy to our own is 25,000 light years away 0r around 147 trillion miles. It’s not likely anyone we know will go there.

Our sun is perfectly located within our galaxy and our planet is perfectly located within our solar system. We know that the earth’s distance from the sun provides the right amount of heat and light to make the planet habitable for life. Without the unique mix of chemical ingredients that makes up living things, and without liquid water on the planet’s surface, life as we know it would not exist. There is also design to the earth itself. If the earth was not tilted on the 23 degree axis, there would either be no change in seasons, or such extreme changes that no plant life could survive. If the earth was closer to the sun, mankind could not survive the temperature and exposure to the sun; if the earth was further away, we would all freeze to death.  The earth has a perfect spin, not to fast, and not to slow. It is 100% perfect for life to be sustained on it. Our wonderful world, with the perfect timing of its revolution around the sun, its axis rotation and tilt, the water evaporation and condensation cycle, the movement of the winds from the equator and back, and the ocean currents, runs like one giant piece of clockwork.

Earth is perfectly designed for life and to date we have not discovered life anywhere else in the universe. The fact is, there is no basis to even suggest that non-intelligent or random causes could create the “just-right” conditions for Earth to exist. The only rational explanation for the precise design of Earth, the cosmos as a whole, and life on Earth is an intelligent supernatural Creator. There is supernatural design in both animal and plant life. The dependence of the flowers on bees for reproduction and of the bees on flowers for food is one of the most amazing adaptations in nature, and it is difficult to imagine how it could have occurred by mere chance. This of course is only one example and there are millions of others. Scientists estimate our planet is home to 8.7 million species and each species is unique in its individual design to live in its earthly habitat. The features that God programmed into each species enable them to overcome the limitations imposed on them by the very laws of nature that some people believe are responsible for their development. These features are so finely tuned to perform their tasks that they are increasingly used as models for human inventors to follow. Some examples are:

  • Polar bears keep a tight grip on smooth ice using precisely designed footpads. Engineers have copied these exquisite designs to make useful tools including a snow tire.
  • Butterfly wings have inspired design for waterproof clothing.
  • Bee landing strategy may lead to better aircraft as bees never crash.
  • Whales have inspired new turbine design from their fin bumps that reduce drag, increase lift and are more efficient and quieter.
  • A real good example is the design in man. The human eye is more complex than the finest telescope or camera available. Man cannot make an optical instrument of any kind that is as efficient as the eye. Man’s brain and its amazing complex functions cannot be duplicated with known technology but they are trying.

The most important evidence for an intelligent creator is the discovery of DNA. For life to exist, an information system is needed to produce and regulate life functions. This information system must also be able to accurately copy itself for the next generation. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the information system for life. Information is a product of intelligence, indicating that DNA came from an intelligent source (the Creator). It stands to reason, then, that God the Creator deserves unending credit as the ultimate inventor. Perhaps we should not take lightly what scripture tells us is Isaiah 45:18: For this is what the Lord says – he who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited – he says: ‘I am the Lord, and there is no other.

We see order (design) in the natural world; therefore, we know there has to be a supernatural intelligent cause behind it. Man is by far the most intelligent creature on this planet. It is admitted by all that man could not ever create the universe, the earth, or even plants or animals. If man, the smartest being on the planet, could not have created the universe, then that means someone more intelligent than anyone on earth had to have created everything. In our next article we will explore the complex, yet perfect design of man, the human being. Since mankind did not create the universe or the earth with all of it complex varieties of life, designed perfectly for their earthly habitat, it is simply logical and intelligent to express that the only explanation is that there is a creator God. What is important for us the recovering alcoholic to understand is that He is not only the designer of us, He is also a personal God.

God created an amazing piece of work when he created the human. It is a great design. Our physical body provides a means to relate to and live in our physical environment. It houses the brain, which allows for the functions of our soul. This is where our faculties (the will, the emotions, and everything else that make us human) tie together. (Eternal Sobriety – Chapter Five, Made in His Image.)

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you. (Romans 12:3)

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Design demands a Designer – Part Two – The Cosmos (Universe)

We begin our search for an intelligent designer behind our conscious reality by considering the most obvious and logical proof that exists – the cosmos. Cosmos describes our universe in total, comprised of all of time and space and its contents. It includes the planets, moons, stars, solar systems, galaxies, contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy everywhere including the tiniest particles that comprise matter itself. Science continually proves that the universe is a complex and orderly designed system.

The most noted argument for the existence of an intelligent designer (a creator God) of the cosmos is defined as “the cosmological argument.” The reality of the existence of God is based on facts about the universe concerning its own reality, its causation, and its complex and orderly designed system from the totality of it infinite largeness to the smallness of its finite matter. Our quest here is to put some reason and logic to whether the Bible is faithful with what logic and reason tells us about 1) the reality of an incomprehensible universe, 2) that the cause (creator) of the universe is God, and 3) the design itself is the best proof that God exists, is eternal, has intelligence, and has a purpose.

As recovering alcoholic’s it’s likely that we need not discuss the question of whether the universe exists. It would be hard to deny this point. There are those that seem to think that it is all a figment of their imagination but we needn’t go there. We are leaving fantasy behind as we grow in recovery. With sobriety, we are once again experiencing the reality of our own senses being open to wonderment, as we did as children who at one time or another were awed by the vastness of the nighttime heavens. Hopefully, you can relate to this rediscovery of the senses. It makes us open to consider what the Bible tells us about the universe in Psalm 19:1-2: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech and night to night reveals knowledge“. In recovery, our Intuition is quickened by a growing sense of spirituality and it becomes easier to accept the truth found in these simple words. It is often difficult to understand why so many are blinded to this reality, which in itself, is a general revelation about God to all.

And many are. In the early nineteen-eighties Carl Sagan, now deceased, was a noted astronomer and philosopher who produced a television series entitled “Cosmos”. His mantra was “the cosmos is all there is or ever was or ever will be”. He stated that “There are in fact 100 billion galaxies, each of which contains something like a 100 billion stars. Think of how many stars, and planets, and kinds of life there may be in this vast and awesome universe.” “We find that we live on an insignificant planet, of a humdrum star, lost in a galaxy, tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe, in which there are far more galaxies than people.” So his estimate of the number of stars was 100, 000,000,000 times 100,000,000,000 or 1 followed by 22 zeros. Carl Sagan was restricted by the limitations of the telescopes of that time.

The physical structure of the natural universe is so vast it is beyond comprehension. Since Sagan’s series and using more advanced telescopes (Hubble) the number of galaxies is now estimated to be 10 trillion so the total number of stars is now estimated to be a 1 followed by 24 zeroes. This is 100 times the number of stars estimated by science a few short years ago. This is a number far too large for us to understand and we still cannot prove there is an end or what may be beyond it. We can now see farther away than ever and also microscopically peer deeper into the actual finite makeup of atomic matter itself. At both extremes our visibility is still dim but complex design is prevalent in everything we do see. In stark contrast to Carl Sagan’s belief, the Bible tells us that we are not on an insignificant planet and that we certainly haven’t been forgotten. As the universe exists so does life on this planet. And everywhere we look we see logic, intelligence, and natural physical laws behind the design of the universe and life itself. The idea that there is no designer behind the creation of the universe is totally ludicrous and becomes almost a farfetched fantasy to believe otherwise. Science has its value and can help us see the reality of existence and its structural design but what it has no knowledge of, is why we don’t see life anywhere else in the known universe or what created the universe.

It is a common belief in the scientific community that the universe started with a “big bang”. Thus science states the universe is not eternal in nature and had a beginning. If that is so then Carl Sagan was wrong when he said that the universe is all there is or ever was or ever will be. Sagan’s viewpoint influenced many and instilled in them the idea that existence is limited to only that which can be seen and proven scientifically. He was of course an atheist. That viewpoint is also in opposition to the biblical account where, within its pages, God is described as an eternal deity. To repeat, science is valuable for discovery but it has its limitations. We are told that the universe is expanding and only a few years ago that it was slowing down and would eventually collapse upon itself. The viewpoint now is that it is actually speeding up, due to dark matter, adding more complex design to the theory. Science with its laws cannot tell us how the universe got here only that it is real. Since it is real, how did it come into existence? The “big bang” is a theory but if it is true it invokes the law of cause and effect and the need to consider both time and entropy (deterioration) as part of the process.

Atheists and agnostics differ by saying, “The Cosmos just is.” However, that explanation is in opposition to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which, because usable energy is running out, demonstrates that the Cosmos is finite. It must have had a cause/beginning, and of course, an end. If there is no cause that produced the first moment in time of the universe it would be a major contradiction of one of the foundational principles of science. Someone might say that some things are caused by other things, but this does not solve the problem. This is because those other things had to have causes, too, and this cannot go on forever. It is sort of the chicken and the egg dilemma. The natural world is a system based on cause and effect. The universe had a beginning; therefore, the universe had a cause. The very fundamentals of science are that something (effect) is always the result of something else (cause). Theology logically states that this cause, being outside the whole universe, is God. Therefore, there is, at the beginning at least, a first cause—one that had no beginning. This first cause is God, who by definition is eternal. A Divine, Supernatural, Infinite and eternal being is the only rational explanation for the existence of the Universe, and the intuitive knowledge that it is designed specifically for a purpose. God is the uncaused cause and it must have something to do with you and me. That’s what the bible says. That is my belief, is it yours?

The contrast of the awesome majesty of a supernatural holy Creator and the touch of His personal love that is demonstrated in A.A. is evident. With sobriety, the feelings we once had return from deep within us, and we are once again able to appreciate our world. Trees look crisp and clear as we notice the variations of green; before, green was just green. Flowers appear to grow where they never grew before. The air that we breathe smells sweeter and as our aesthetic eyes open, we sense the awe and wonder of nature once again. Though we learn to appreciate it, it is difficult to ever comprehend with our frail human mind the scope of God’s creation.   The first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the very first passage provides the simple statement of: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The perfection of the universe with its detail, from the largest sun to the smallest particle, defies description within our comprehension. The world system attempts to explain it away with scientific jargon and guesswork, but that cannot even touch the surface. It is man’s nature to explain everything with his own knowledge and to act only in his own wisdom – a somewhat comical charade to God perhaps. Increasingly, reputable scientists are considering the biblical creation account. This is another instance of God patiently waiting for humanity to catch up.) From the book, Eternal Sobriety, Chapter Six, “This Thing Called Self”

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.

Romans 12:3

Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest Ever View of the Universe


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Design demands a Designer – Part One – Truth

Step Two in the AA program states: “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

There are many powers that this can define. For example, the collective group of people in the fellowship of AA with their common recovery experience can represent a power greater than ourselves. However, when we encounter Step Three and confront the decision to turn our will and our life over to the care of God, that definition or any other cannot replace the real need for a personal and loving God. Read more ›

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Taking Inventory – Resentments

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Principles in AA, The will of God, and Serenity

It helps our spiritual growth in recovery to understand and apply the spiritual principles found in Alcoholics Anonymous. They were not invented by Bill Wilson or Doctor Bob but borrowed from other sources. Read more ›

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Taking Inventory – Pride

According to Bill W., pride, leading to self-justification, and always spurred by conscious or unconscious fears, is the basic breeder of most human difficulties, the chief block to true progress. (Twelve and Twelve, pp 48-49). Read more ›

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